Elgin – a great ‘little city’

For over a thousand years the local town of Elgin has welcomed travellers from across the world. Back then it may have been traders keen to sell their goods, woollens, sheep or perhaps silver or other precious metals. Nowadays it’s more likely to be many thousands of holiday makers who still flock to this region, attracted by not only the great weather with above average sunshine, but also the many great places, wonderful landscapes and fantastic beaches close by.

Wherever you’re going, it’s always a good idea to check out the weather before you set off for as we say here in Scotland ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’. Check out weather station software like ambient weather ws-2902 for up to the minute reports.

We also have a great range of distilleries located in the beautiful highlands all around Elgin, all benefiting from the crystal clear water off the mountains and with 14 golf courses, dozens of forests and woodlands and more salmon rivers than you can fish in a week, we have something for everyone.

Kids are never far from our minds as we have lots of great parks filled with exciting play equipment and adventure centres offering everything from Go Carts to Goat Walks and Frizbies to Four Wheel Motor Cycling. All of our beaches are family friendly and many of our woodlands not only offer great play sites for children but full BBQ facilities for the entire family.

Don’t worry if the weather is a little ‘dreich’ as our museums, art galleries, wide range of shops and indoor play sites are guaranteed to keep you occupied throughout the day.

I hope to see you soon.