Be a Green Guest?

We support the Responsible Visitor Charter & sustainable tourism with our green policies & credentials.

Moray and Speyside are two of the most beautiful MSTlogo1areas of Scotland and we are fully committed to helping it remain that way.

As a member of the new and emerging Moray Speyside Tourism Group, we are encouraging all members to consider some of the initiatives we undertaking and we’re willing to help them.

We’re also willing to help you!

To assist you with your recycling, we have made sure you reduce-reuse-recycle-350x350have access to our main recycling centre by the car park and we have provided small recycle bins in each of the cottages.

By working together, we can make sure all of your unwanted bottles, bags, cans, tins and the myriad of other holiday ‘paraphernalia’ find their way to the right place and can once again be used to produce new products.

Reducing Carbon Emissions & Carbon Offsetting

Because of our beautiful country/coastal location, many of our guests tend to either drive or fly to Scotland.  As you can imagine, this travel can generate a certain amount of CO2.

Now although many people may get lost in the calculations of just how much CO2 is generated from their holiday journeys, we have found a great little site that not only calculated the amount, but allows you to make a small donation that will be used to support projects worldwide that can ‘offset’ the carbon generated.

If you would like to consider this, please visit: con world

You can help us further by simply supporting our Responsible Guest Charter points;

May be leave your car in our car park for a day and enjoy some of the many walks, trails and cycle ways that abound in this area. Our games room has a great selection of maps and trail leaflets. Cycle hire is available from Outfit Moray (a local social enterprise) who can beOutfit_logocontacted on 01343 549 571 and they are happy to deliver directly to your cottage.

Elgin and Forres have a fantastic range of local shops providing just about everything you may possibly need for a great holiday here in Moray. If you add to this the specialist food and wine stores, great continental delis and cheese shops, the freshest of fish and meats from  local estates and farms and even a few world class Whisky stores, you can see you really are ‘spoiled for choice’ and it’s all on your doorstep.

Best of all, we’re talking with many of thesecheese
great little places and they are very happy to take your order by email and have the goods delivered directly to your cottage to be waiting for your arrival.