Culbin Forest – a great day out for the family

Out walking with Debbie in the local forests at Culbin. It’s surprising how just a little rain and a few days of sunshine can change the face of the gardens around Carden so much. From tight little buds the bushes and shrubs are now filled with fresh green leaves and even a few flowers.

Although the daffs are going over a bit, the annuals are through the soil and starting to grow.

Even the new Lupins I planted outside a few of the cottage doors are stretching for the sky. With blossom on the trees and a scent of flowers in the air, it’s a real delight to sit in the courtyard for a couple of hours and just bask in the sunshine.

Over the weekend Debbie and I took a walk culbin-mapthrough the Culbin Forests located just a few miles away on the banks cycling logoof the beautiful Findhorn Bay. The smell of fresh pine in the air was almost overpowering and the I defy any artist to capture the myriad of ‘greens’ that filled the landscape.

The forest itself is crisscrossed with walks, cycle ways and even a couple of bridal paths, but despite that, there are still lots of un-walked trails to follow or quite little areas to sit and relax as as the forest runs down to the sea, there are miles and miles of completely unspoiled beaches to enjoy.

It’s a great place to take the family as parking is only £2 for the entire day, there are areas for BBQ and the water is shallow and safe for most of the tide.

For further information about this wonderful forest, follow the link.