Simply the best Fish & Chips

Hailing originally from the north east of England, I have often felt that something was missing from my life here in Moray. No it’s not the bracing east wind, the good beer, smashing shopping or anything like that. It’s the Fish and Chips.

ashvale1Many a Geordie born ‘lad’ was raised and grew up on this most staple of northern foods. Fish, fresh from the boats only a couple of miles away and potatoes newly lifted from earthy farms, these two basic ingredients are transformed into a ‘food of the gods’ by simply frying them in a little oil (dripping if you’re really lucky) for a few minutes.

However, after a visit to the Ashvale today, no longer does my life have a hole in it. The fish was sweet, fresh and still carried the taste of the sea in it was encased in the logo-ashvalelightest, crispy batter. The chips, all sizes cut from real potatoes, no processed quick fry processed spuds here were  laid alongside it and smothered with peas. That’s it! No breadcrumbs, no beer batter, no colouring no gimmicks - just fish, and chips. Served as they should be.

I have to offer the full five stars to the Ashvale for offering great cooked simple food and a friendly restaurant .

I cant recommend it enough to lovers of great fish and chips. Paul