Scotland’s Sunshine Coast


Scotland’s Sunshine Coast

So where exactly is Scotland’s sunshine coast? It’s a bold claim! You thought it was never sunny here?

It’s simple. Mostly Scotland’s prevailing winds come from the south-west, off the Atlantic. So-o, what area lies beyond, to the north-east of the mountains, notably the Cairngorms, making it sheltered, drier and sunnier than the average? Answer: Moray.

Coastal Moray Is Scotland’s Sunshine Coast

Admittedly, bits of East Lothian and also stretches of Fife (both, note on Scotland’s east side) are fairly dry too, though nearer major centres of population and thus more crowded.

But Moray? ‘Up there’ on the shore of the Moray Firth. Well, it’s pretty unspoilt, down by the sea. And dry.

The little resort town of Lossiemouth, for instance, has 672.7mm of rain per year. (That’s 26.5 inches in old money.) Average for the whole of Scotland is 1571mm (61.8 inches). The Met Office says so.

May has gone and the gorse is out. It smells of coconut. Above the gentle splash of the tide, you can hear the squeaky-scratchy song of whitethroats. Pink thrift is in flower underfoot and there’s some crowberry too (which a friend says ‘smells of mountains’).

Lyrical, eh? Anyway, there’s more. You’ve got the path to yourself. You’ve nailed the place to get morning coffee…or, no, make that lunch…maybe try our local fish soup called Cullen skink. (One of the best places to eat it is The Cullen Bay Hotel, two miles from  Findochty).

Now, would you really want to be away in the far west of Scotland on a warm and sunshiny day like that – BEING EATEN ALIVE BY MIDGES? Your call.

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