Culture & Heritage

Of all the regions of Scotland many believe Moray to be one of the richest in terms of culture and heritage.


Ancient monuments lie in hidden glens, picturesque fishing villages lie alongside crashing seas and many of the estates hold brochs, castles,  towers and keeps and almost every village is proud to hold their own heritage centre where you can find out just what it was like to live in this area so many years ago.

Education has never been so enjoyable! We’ve provided a link here to an excellent site that offers a great deal of information on the area, some of the people and the lives they lived.

No matter what time of year you visit Moray, there is always something going on and if you join us for a stay in one of our beautiful cottages then you’re sure to be right in the heart of it. logo1

Plusgarden Abbey

Situated six miles south-west of Elgin in Moray, the monastery enjoys the peace and stillness of a secluded glen, but is easily reached by road from the town. The atmosphere of quiet reflection and of work dedicated to the glory of God is the same now as it was in the thirteenth century, when a community of monks first came to this part of Moray.

If you visit the Abbey today, you can enjoy not only the beauty of its architecture and its setting but also something of the restful atmosphere of devotion that has so deeply permeated this little corner of Scotland. The Mass and full Divine Office are sung by the monks each day in the Abbey church, using Gregorian Chant.